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About GoVendo


Our full service digital marketing agency helping companies to use their unique strengths in this omni-channel world. We do this with passion. Helping brands to find their creative voice. Only brands that find their true message are able to connect with their audience successfully. Our mission is to help companies in this process. We create a tailor made roadmap for you how to achieve success with digital marketing. That could be your guideline to make your life a lot easier. Creating this roadmap we always have 4 principles in mind:


Data driven marketing

GoVendo is committed to data and was born from an understanding of exploration. We dive into your data in order to make sense of it, and to turn it into valuable information. We bring data driven marketing to the next level. Not only do we use your own data that you have collected over time. As well we look at market data about your audience to being able to fully understand them. And more important, to find out what drives them. Only then you will be able to make a difference.


Full service digital marketing

As a full service digital marketing agency, GoVendo can help you with all aspects of digital marketing, from concept research and strategy development, to creative translation and conversion optimization. We take pride of our 3D animation creation and video experience productions. You want to be different while staying close to your brand values. There is no better way than to express this in an animated way. GoVendo has the best professionals to capture your message in a creative way that stands out, and will stick with your audience.


Results oriented

GoVendo gets you outstanding products and services at best value for money. Our goal is to maximize your return on investment (ROI). In the end you want to earn hard money. No matter how beautiful and creative a campaign is. That is why we coordinate your campaigns intensively in order to deliver hard results as well. ROI is in our DNA.

Compelling creativity

When people need something, do they think of your brand? They should! We are driven by creativity. GoVendo happily creates unified brand experiences to make meaningful connections with your audience. We make a difference, and search for that angle of creativity no one has tried before. No matter the size or the industry, we gladly help you to use digital marketing optimally for your business.

Start: Team

Christopher Johann

CEO/Creative Director


Bojan Sandic

Head of the Logo Design Department


Ellen McHarris

Head of the Web Design Department


Milan Kovarbasic

Professional Sound Designer


Nate Goodwyn

Professional Voiceover Artist


Rick Whelan

The Movie Voice - Voiceover Artist


Bentley Michaels

Professional Voiceover Artist


Afaq Khan

Junior Illustrator

Editieren eines Films

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Are you curious how our approach could work for you as well? We will surprise you with our successful ways of working. Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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